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Custom steel guitar bars designed to your specifications.
 I love the bars you built for me, I have already used them on
several jobs. I commend you on both the quality and the exceptional service. If you wish to consider me an endorser of your bars, I will most certainly attest to that fact.
                   Reece Anderson

I have been using a 7/8" x 3 3/8" bar on a 12-U. I liked it but thought I would like to try something heavier so I ordered a 1" x 3 1/2" from Jim. I was so impressed with everything about the bar that I ordered a 15/16" x 3 3/8" just to see if I like it. When it comes in I plan to order a 1" x 3 3/8" bar. That's how much I like his bar.

Incidently, on my first order I sent an extra $5 to cover shipping. Trust me, this man is doing this for us at this price out of the goodness of his heart. He certainly isn't making any money.

But, he makes a great bar!!

John Paul Jones

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